Progress Update: Kamen Rider Black Episode 29

Took a while, but it’s basically done and just needs checking and tweaking. Hooray! Please be patient, as Britas is in…Vegas!

  • mystic

    Love yah pal-sama!!!

  • Sieg29

    Oh, is Britas having a good time in Vegas? =D
    Take your time Pal-sama!

  • Oh, i hope Britas is having a good time, and one more time, 1000 thanks for sub Kamen Rider Black ;)I look forward for cap. 29!

  • Solidus

    Damn and she didn’t take you along. Well, at least you have Minami Kotaro to keep you company till she returns. Have a great trip Britas and hope things are going well Pal.

  • Kamen Rider Takoyaki

    Man, you should have had a great time at Vegas, but aw well. Take your time, no rush.

  • Hey what’s up!, this is Ralf.

    Thank you for posting the progress update of Kamen Rider Black – Episode 29
    today on March 6,2007. Because of this good news, this episode will be at Youtube.

    I will just wait a little bit longer to see this video.
    Please make sure that all remaining episodes (30-51)of Kamen Rider Black will be
    published much faster for at least in a few weeks!

    Thanks again for your time,

    Ralf Foliente

  • gmc

    Thank you for update. I’ll look forward episode 29.