Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 28

Episode 28A new specie of beetle, the Oogane Beetle, are putting the city in a destructive trance! The beetles, capable of creating a gold nest if paired with a mate, injects the city with the lust for money that eventually leads to murders. Can Kotaro break everyone away from the hypnotizing Oogane Beetles before humanity is overrun by greed?

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Browser Compatibility

Seems that this site isn’t loading properly for users that are using Internet Explorer 6, mainly that the top right menu isn’t loading properly, or at all. I’ve added a makeshift menu to the bottom right, but I really recommend upgrading your browser to Internet Explorer 7, or better yet, Firefox.

Looking at my handy status checker, more than 50% of visitors (you guys!) are using Firefox — I love my Firefox and I’ll never go back to any other browser. What are you waiting for? Join the revolution!

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There are some cool Add-Ons/Extentions for Firefox like DownThemAll! (it’s like FlashGet, but free). I also love Image Zoom. Tabs are awesome, and if your computer crashes while browsing, Firefox will open them back up like nothing happened!

Quick News: Kamen Rider Black 28 progress & CRC

Kamen Rider Black episode 28 is basically done, being checked for revision.

You may have noticed to the top right menu that CRC Check has been added. Downloads page has been updated to include information on CRC checking. Go there if you feel that your downloaded video file is damaged and/or renamed.

Update 1: The forums are now open to public viewing, so all you lurkers don’t have to register just to take a peek 😀
Update 2: About page is up.

New(er) Design

Yet again, another redesign! Looks a little more like the forum, eh?

  • Recent Comments section added to the side menu.
  • Option to be notified when a new comment is posted. Just click the checkbox when commenting.
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Kamen Rider Black on Veoh!

You may have noticed that the streaming Doraemon movies were hosted on Veoh, the wondrous version of YouTube. What makes Veoh better? Here are a few factoids:

  1. Full-resolution videos. YouTube videos are half the resolution.
  2. No length restrictions. Which means that I can upload an episode in its entirety.
  3. No size requirements. I don’t have to recompress the videos, which equates to better quality.
  4. You can download the videos. This one’s a biggie — you can get Veoh Player (available for Win/Mac) to download the exact same videos that I uploaded. This saves us bandwidth!
  5. Prettier player. Alright, this one’s not that important…but it’s a fact!

Commenting and whatnot still exist on Veoh, not to mention I can get my own special URI for my releases. Without furtherado, I introduce to you — Kamen Rider Black and Doraemon on Veoh!

Also, check out the new “Watch Now!” section, added to the navigation menu at the top!
Have fun 🙂