Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 27

27 PostMysterious cocoons litter the city, violently exploding when in proximity of certain energies. The explosive cocoons leave the city without electricity — and Kotaro without Henshin Energy to transform! Meanwhile Hisao-kun waits on the operating table of a powerless hospital, hanging on to his life. Can Kotaro fight Golgom without transforming? Can Kotaro save Hisao-kun before it’s too late?

Note: This release contains new fonts, effects and whatnot. Leave a comment about it if you care to (or at least vote for the latest poll), I’m curious to know what you guys think. Tried to find a font that fit the theme of the show that was also easy on the eyes (which I noticed is the same font that TV-Nihon used for Kabuto’s OP song…weird, eh?). Didn’t go too crazy with the effects since it’s not that crazy of a show. You guys will decide what goes and comes back on Episode 28 😀

Available in the Downloads section, and YouTube videos after the jump!


  • natachi

    coooool! its been quite a while.. thanks dude!

  • zeldAIS


  • Sieg29

    finally! the long wait is over! XD *downloads KRB ep27*

  • Former Shocker Combatant

    Man this is some seriously effed stuff! Exploding cocoons?! Great job with the translation Pal!

  • Kamen Rider Ghost

    COOOOOOOl! Thank You pal! Oh, God, i’ve been in need of my KR Black episodes 😉

  • Kamen Rider Ghost

    I almost forgot. I lke the new fonts. Is more easy to me to read and understand it because i’m Spanish, and, this way, i am more capable of enjoy the show 😉

  • neXus

    May I know what font u use? I really like it and the show too.

  • Pal

    [quote comment=”124″]May I know what font u use? I really like it and the show too.[/quote]

    The font is Baar Sophia. You can get it at 🙂

  • ~~- I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :*”