Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 27

27 PostMysterious cocoons litter the city, violently exploding when in proximity of certain energies. The explosive cocoons leave the city without electricity — and Kotaro without Henshin Energy to transform! Meanwhile Hisao-kun waits on the operating table of a powerless hospital, hanging on to his life. Can Kotaro fight Golgom without transforming? Can Kotaro save Hisao-kun before it’s too late?

Note: This release contains new fonts, effects and whatnot. Leave a comment about it if you care to (or at least vote for the latest poll), I’m curious to know what you guys think. Tried to find a font that fit the theme of the show that was also easy on the eyes (which I noticed is the same font that TV-Nihon used for Kabuto’s OP song…weird, eh?). Didn’t go too crazy with the effects since it’s not that crazy of a show. You guys will decide what goes and comes back on Episode 28 😀

Available in the Downloads section, and YouTube videos after the jump!
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Site Suspension


For those who visited within the last 24 hours know that this site was down for quite a while. The reason? Not so sure. Received a few warning e-mails before the suspension:

I’m afraid I have bad news for you. We have been forced
to take your account offline for the day due to an extremely
high load on your account. At this time today our servers have
served more than 502715 requests for your account.

Could it have been download managers going crazy? A stupid attack on the host by some 13 year-old wannabe hacker? Not sure. Till I am sure, however, I’ll be limiting the direct downloads to five of the newest episodes. If you want to download the rest, please use the SendSpace and torrent links.