Switch to WordPress and Kamen Rider Black Episode 26

A brand new look! Thinking I’d go with a brighter theme this time around, gets tiring to read after a while. In any case, I’ve switched my publishing methods from Joomla! to WordPress, and it is much better. Joomla has been giving me troubles lately, not to mention that it felt very slow. If any of you are considering what to use for a blog, install WordPress! If you don’t have a host, you can visit WordPress.com instead, which is more in the lines of Blogger.

Coming soon is episode 26 of Kamen Rider Black. Just got it checked, should be ready by the weekend!

Episode descriptions will be created some time soon, not to mention rebuilding of the FAQ section.

  • solidus

    Nice new format, I like it. Although I will admit that when the page first loaded, all the white had me thinking you lost the domain to a cybersquatter for a second. 😀
    The RSS feed seems to still work, so nice job with the transition!

    • kamen rider kaixa

      cud u pls upload the kamen rider black episode 27 until final episode.

      • Pal

        kaixa, please understand that I’m not just uploading these episodes…I’m translating them. So, please be patient…that’s all you have to do!