On break, elsewhere than usual, brought the hard drives without my fansubbing stuff on it. The only important thing was the template scripts I had for the opening/ending, so I’ll just translate the episodes to be ready for encoding later when I get back in mid-January. I’ll keep you guys posted on when I finish an episode!

  • zeldAIS

    have a nice break, Pal-sama ^_^ everybody needs a holiday and don’t fuzz about releasing your fansubs asap, enjoy your break 😀

  • solidus

    Have a good time Pal!

  • Sieg29

    Heheheee take a good break and relax Pal-sama! (although im kinda disappointed to hear that the next release would be in mid-january) Happy New Year! XD

  • Kiryoku

    All right Pal, it’s vacation time and you know what that means! Relax, unless you are taking winter courses ‘-‘

  • Pal

    Thanks guys, and same to you!

  • Kamen Rider Ghost

    Nice break (welll, a little late) Pal!